Your protection and comfort
during legal proceedings

Peregrin Capital Group

Your protection and comfort
during legal proceedings

Peregrin Capital Group is a law firm with a comprehensive approach in solving legal problems of various difficulty levels. We are a team of professional consultants who understand the ins and outs of your business. We are not selling legal services — we are making our product a part of your life.


We are growing, developing, and are constantly in the process of creating and perfecting the quality of our product


We are not afraid to adapt, we feel the changes in the market and we change to address its challenges while keeping the company’s integrity and stability of its development course


We are always result-oriented since there are no legal problems, there is only a choice of legal solutions


Why us

Along with the necessary “hygienic kit” of the legal profession — reliability,
impeccable service quality, high ethical standards, confidentiality of legal support, we offer:

Comprehensive approach to solving problems

If necessary, specialists from different fields and even of different professions are invited to work on the project

of theory and practice

Our consultants have PhDs and Doctors of Letters degrees in Law, they use analytical skills in solving all the legal issues without any exceptions

The use
of legal techniques

We cooperate with the companies that implement innovative solutions for the existing processes along with introducing the latest IT trends and business administration solutions

We do everything and a little more!
Who are we? Peregrin Capital Group

Peregrin Capital Group is a young firm on the legal market, created and continually developed by professionals with extensive practical experience, analytical expert skills, and the ability to deliver and work in a team, specialized knowledge, and academic degrees. This unique background has naturally grown into the desire to create a standout firm.
The principles upon which we build our work are:

Client’s comfort

Our job is to provide our clients with emotional comfort and confidence in order to focus on their favorite activity — building their business instead of being distracted by legalities, thy can leave that to us

Roadmap for the case

We start working with our clients’ issues by outlining an itinerary in the legal field, suggesting various possible solutions to the tasks

Minimization of the client’s expenditures

Not only do we ensure to minimize the necessary actual expenditure of the client, but also to ensure sensible savings on legal fees, using the formula of “adequate necessity and feasible sufficiency”

Involvement and adding the most value

We provide legal support and follow up on the case throughout all the stages of the trial process. We prefer handling legal tasks on the “turnkey” basis and are willing to join an ongoing project, if the client considers our involvement necessary

Feedback and aftermath

Our task is to quickly solve the legal problem we are facing while creating a high-quality product. It is important for us to not only solve the problem, but to create the atmosphere of trust, reliability, partnership and progress in our relationship with the client